Greystones Harbour Sea Scouts (18th Wicklow) are based in the Harbour Marina and are active on the water during the week from May to September.

A full marine activities programme is incorporated into the normal Land activities associated with Scouting. Activities are planned throughout the year to get a good cross section of outdoor activities. Theory practice is brought in during the winter months so that Sea Scouts can put it into practice as soon as they go on the water.

Greystones Harbour Sea Scouts have been active in Greystones since 1988. Started as a Patrol in another Land Scout Group it quickly became popular with Parents and Children alike due to its proximity to the Marine environment. It later moved to the new Harbour Marina where it has a designated compound for storage of its boats. There is a full Marine Training Programme designed with safety and children in mind. The Group has; Canoes, Sailing Dinghies, Powered Craft, an East Coast Skiff and a drasmcombe. This facilitates a full range of water activities.

Greystones Harbour Sea Scouts cater for children from 6 years of age in a section called Beavers. At the age of 9 they swim up to the Cub section where they stay until they are ready to move up to Sea Scouts at 12 years of age.

Each section has age appropriate activities both indoors and outdoors all of which have elements of the marine environment in them. Both National and International opportunities are presented to the Scouts as they mature.

Each age range has appropriate material designed with their educational and developmental needs addressed.

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